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Gold’s Gym Challenge Winner: Darna Magpayo

Darna shares how the Challenge has changed her body and life for the better.

Name: Darna Magpayo, Gold’s Gym Challenge Overall Female Winner in 2014

Lost: 41 lbs, 22.75 inches and 9.9% body fat

Current mindset: While on vacation, my son thought it was awesome that I was doing exploding squat jumps, he took this picture! I never thought in a million years that my body could do the things it does now! Thanks to the Gold’s Gym Challenge, I’m living happily in my “After”! It is hard to realize that I am the girl I see in the mirror! I have dozens of before pictures that symbolize every failed fad diet and every attempt at going to the gym. Thank you Gold’s Gym for now I have the after picture I have waited for over 20 long years.

Check out her new video encouraging you to try the Gold’s Gym Challenge: