Introducing the Free 12-Week Transformation Plan for America

Get 12 weeks of free workouts and meal plans that can help you steer clear of the Fitness Cliff!

reamesEvery January, millions of Americans make the oldest New Year’s resolution around: Lose weight and get in shape. They dust off their gym bags and head back to the cardio machines determined to really make it work this year. That resolve is usually short-lived. By Gold’s Gym’s own research, February 24—also known as Day One of the Fitness Cliff—is when gym check-ins begin to steadily decline.So this February, in an effort to help America steer clear of the Fitness Cliff, Gold’s Gym is giving anyone a free, customized 12-week workout plan. Based on your fitness goals, the plan includes week-by-week daily workouts, along with a weekly menu. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions and your 12-week path to a new fitness legacy will begin arriving in your email inbox.If you’d like to get even more out of your 12-Week Transformation Plan, bring it in to the Gold’s Gym nearest you to get a free appointment with a Gold’s Gym personal trainer who can customize your 12-week plan even more to meet your needs.Robert Reames, Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute trainer and author of Make Over Your Metabolism, is one of the experts who helped create the logic and framework for these plans. He’s here to give even more insight into why Gold’s Gym created these plans and how to make the most of them.