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Knoxville Dad’s Inspiring Weight Loss Story

2015 Gold’s Gym Challenge Winner Adam Lucas makes headlines after sharing his inspirational story about his weight loss including how his family was his biggest motivation.

Gold’s Gym Farragut Member Adam Lucas is one inspirational member! Adam won 1st place in the 18-29 age category after losing 77.6 lbs, 28.5 inches, and 19% of his body fat.  As a father of twin boys with non-verbal Autism, a full-time student, and two twins on the way, Adam continued to hit the gym and eat right. “I promised myself that my life needed to change so I could be a better, more energetic father to my sons.” 77 lbs later, Adam feels that “the challenge has made me a better father, husband, and student for which I will be forever grateful that I said YES to the Challenge and tackled it head on”

Kayla Strayer of Knoxville WATE 6, shares Gold’s Gym member Adam Lucas’ story. Click HERE to read full article.