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NEW! 50 Days of Fitness

We’re Sharing Top Fitness Tips for 50 Days Straight to Help Finish 2015 Strong!

In 2015, Gold’s Gym celebrated its 50-year Legacy of Strength by sharing FREE fitness tools with the public like the Gold’s Gym FitTest  and the FREE 12-Week Transformation Plans  to help people all over the world achieve their potential through fitness… We followed our members’ progress through #LegacyInTheMaking pics and saw people transform their lives day by day!

To close out 2015, we are launching #50DaysofFitness, featuring daily fitness tips from top trainers to help you start 2016 stronger than ever!  As of November, 12 2015 the clock starts ticking with 50 days left in 2015. Follow along on Facebook, Instagram , and Twitter, and and check back here for the full collection of tips to date!

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