Health and Wellness
June 2016

The First Gold’s Gym #MySwelfie Awards

Smile, flex, snap, repeat.

Whether it’s #TransformationTuesday, or #FlexFriday, the selfie has always been synonymous with fitness. Pictures of transformations, accomplished goals and just plain fun have helped millions of people find friends and fans to cheer them on through their inspiring personal journeys.

To honor that, Gold’s Gym will celebrate National Selfie Day on June 21 with the first ever #MySwelfie Awards! From now until June 21st, post your best gym selfie using the hashtag #MySwelfie. Then Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute Member and fitness model Karina Lisenbee and a team of swelfie experts will pick their favorites and the winners will get a swag bag with some great Gold’s Gym gear!

One major thing to keep in mind: The best selfie is not always about looking super thin or totally jacked, it’s about showing how good you feel in your own body. And before you hashtag and share with all your followers, take note of these gym selfie dos and don’ts from three Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute experts: celebrity trainer Mike Ryan, fitness model and trainer Jamie Eason and the judge Karina Lisenbee.


Do: Emphasize your assets. Make physics your friend and put your best features close to the camera. “We all know from our cars, objects in the mirror are closer than they appear,” says Jamie Eason. “One of my big things is angles and distance. If you put the camera low, your legs look longer, if you put it close to your butt, it’s going to look fuller. If you’re a male and you want your arms and your chest to look super big, you’re going to lean into the camera. The farther away it is from the lens, the smaller it looks.”

Don’t: Interfere with someone else’s workout. Avoid blocking a fellow gym-goer’s view of their bench press or getting in people’s way while snapping selfies in close corridors between machines. “First and foremost, know your surroundings,” says Mike Ryan. “You have to always exercise gym etiquette. Don’t interfere with anyone’s training.”

Do: Think beyond your body. The way you’re working out may be just as impressive as how you look and feel. “I think the most exciting selfies are the ones that show action—you’re showing proper form and that’s what you’re highlighting,” says Ryan. “People are looking at Instagram not just for inspiration but also information.” Karina Lisenbee adds, "A lot of people forget about their face!" Showing off your best game face or a nice smile can really help make your selfie pop!

Don’t: Bare all. “In most gyms, I wouldn’t recommend you go shirtless,” says Ryan. “Proper attire is good but flatter yourself with it. If you want to snap pictures of your back, wear a narrow tank top that lets you show off those muscles and not a baggy shirt that might hide your body.”

Do: Work patterns and solids to your advantage. “If you wear solid colors you’re going to see the outline of your body more,” says Eason. “You can hide stuff with busy patterns—they look cute and hide things that you may still be working on.” So when you’re looking to highlight an area of your body, cover it in a solid tank or leggings, and wear patterns on areas that you aren’t as confident about.

Don’t: Do duck face. There’s a better option to bring out your sexy, and as a former fitness model, Eason has it down pat. “First, squint a tiny bit,” she says. “Imagine you’re driving down the road and it’s foggy outside, you see a sign up ahead. You have to kind of barely squint your eyes on that sign, all you can make out is the number two, so you start to say the number two and it gives you that little lip pout. It definitely works."

Do: Pump up before taking a pic. Work out the part of your body you want to show off before posing—increased blood flow can make muscles pop. “Guys do tons of push-ups or, of course, there are curls for the girls,” says Eason. “When you’re trying to get a pump, you go until you can’t go anymore, it’s pushing to fatigue. Then that’s when you take your picture.” Pro tip: Shoulders are one of the easiest areas to pump quickly because the muscles are small and concentrated.

Don’t: Do it in the bathroom. “I really don’t like bathroom selfies at the gym,” says Lisenbee. “Mirror shots often end up looking grainy and not that cute.” And who wants a bathroom stall as a selfie background? Not to mention, your fellow members might not like you pulling out your smartphone in such a private area.

Do: Find your best light. “If you’re trying to look pretty and softer, you want to find lower light,” says Eason. “If you want to show off your muscles, go out on the gym floor and stand directly under the bright lights because the shadows will make them look bigger.” Lisenbee agrees with Eason that light is the key in taking your selfie to the next level. "I prefer good light over anything!"