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March 2017

6 Tips For Workout Efficiency

Our Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute experts help you make the most of your gym time so you can get in, get pumped, and get out!

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There’s never enough time in the day, is there? If you’re anything like us, you’re running around, doing a dozen things at once, and hoping to make more time. Well, we’re here to help—at least when it comes to the gym. We caught up with Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute experts Karina Lisenbee and Adam Friedman to get their best tips for being efficient during your workout. Check out the tips below and incorporate them into your next gym session. You can thank us later; you’ll have plenty of time to do so.

1. Dumbbells Are Your Friend

What type of weights should you use? Friedman suggests sticking to free weights for a couple of different reasons: “Perform a whole workout with just dumbbells because they are super versatile, and so that you don't waste time finding other equipment to use.” Easy and actionable, just the way we like it.

2. Pick a Plan

There's nothing worse than getting ready to work out and not knowing what you're going to do. Save valuable time by determining your workout while you're driving to the gym or changing in the locker room. “Before you set foot in the gym, know exactly which exercises you're going to do,” Lisenbee says. “This way you're not meandering around from machine to machine without any rhyme or reason”.

3. Hit the HIIT

This is all about choosing quality over quantity. If you're working on cardio, pick a HIIT cardio workout instead of the long, steady-state cardio session. Or you can choose to do fewer sets with more strict form, and higher intensity. Lisenbee enjoys sprints and/or plyometrics, and Friedman suggests entire body exercises like a power clean-and-jerk, or a Versaclimber machine.

4. Embrace the Superset

A superset is when a set of one move is done directly after another with no rest in between. Once you have finished the consecutive series of sets, take a break to cool down for one and a half to three minutes. The experts agree that supersetting opposing muscle groups is one of the most efficient exercises out there. “I do this for chest and back, and biceps and triceps. It really helps to keep my heart rate up and gets me out of the gym much quicker than if I were to do them separately,” Friedman says.

5. Stop Talking to Stay Focused

When you're in between sets, keep your conversations short, such as “Hello” and “Have a great workout, I'm getting mine in now.” Try to stay in your zone by listening to upbeat music. You'll be less distracted and keep your heart rate up, while the headphones will also signal to others that you’re in the zone. “You can catch up and chat after you get your workout in” Lisenbee says.

6. It's All About Time

Try to pick a workout time that is not during the peak hours of the gym, so you can more easily access the equipment you want to use and avoid distractions from others. To help manage your time, try keeping track of your recovery after each set with an alarm so that you keep the right flow for your training objectives. Keep in mind that different workouts call for varied recovery times, so be sure to research, or ask a trainer at the gym before performing new moves or sets. If gym distractions are an issue, showing up a little later might be the tip for you!


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