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February 2017

Gear Up for Commitment Day!

6 tips to avoid the “Fitness Cliff”.

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For a number of people, a new year brings motivation to get to the gym, but by the time February rolls around, you might find that motivation waning. It’s okay to admit it; you’re not alone. Gold’s Gym actually has a name for this: We call it the Fitness Cliff, the time gym check-ins beginning to gradually decline, and this year its on February 22. This year, however, we’re all going to fight back. Instead of falling off the Fitness Cliff, make a vow to re-up your enthusiasm on Commitment Day. Participating Gold’s Gym locations will have a Commitment Wall where you can pledge to stay committed to your fitness goals and get a 30 Day Plan. For a little extra motivation, we talked to Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute Experts who offered their thoughts on staying committed.

Learn new tricks

The good news is that if you supercharged your workouts starting on January 1, you’re probably an expert at your routine. The bad news is that you might be getting a little tired of it. It takes 21 days to build a workout habit but “once you build that habit, you can get stuck in a rut,” says Jenn Mathis, Gold's Gym Fitness Director. So switch it up: Try a different type of cardio class or yoga. Move from machines to free weights. Get into that boot camp you’ve been eyeing for the past two months. The important thing is to move a bit outside your comfort zone. “Trying something new will get you re energized,” Mathis says.

Revisit and refresh your goals

Eight weeks or so into the year is a great time to take a step back, notice how far you’ve come, and consider whether the goals you set out at the beginning of the year still apply. “Revisit your goals and really get clear about if those are still the goals,” says Adam Friedman, Gold's Gym Fitness Institute Expert and Celebrity Trainer. Maybe your initial targets were too conservative or too aggressive, or maybe they were just right. Regardless, it’s good practice—and it’s inspiring to think about your gym objectives. “People have the right at any time to adjust their goals,” Friedman says. “Reassess where you are on a monthly basis.”

Do it for others

Working out makes you feel great, but success at the gym isn’t just about your own personal goals. If you’re lacking a bit of motivation, think about who in your life counts on you to be the healthiest version of yourself. “On those days where you don’t feel like working out, ask yourself if you’re getting to a place where you can be healthy, so you can be the best mom, the best husband, the best everything,” Theresa Swigert, GOLD'S STUDIO Head Coach says. “Find a motivation that’s bigger than just, ‘I want to be a size blank.’”

Commit to Someone

If you’ve been hitting the gym all by your lonesome, try finding a friend. It could be a couples’ workout with your significant other (Valentine’s Day is a week before Commitment Day, after all). Maybe you have a coworker who’s also in need of motivation or you’ve seen the same person at the gym when you go, working out on similar machines or in the same class. “Setting that gym time with somebody—whether it’s a personal trainer, a specific class that you’re going to do together, or a friend/significant other/coworker—is going to really help push you,” Mathis says.

Embrace the valley

If you’ve been working out hard for a couple of months, it isn't surprising if you are a little fatigued. And that’s okay. “There are peaks and valleys in a fitness plan” Robert Reames, Gold's Gym Fitness Institute Expert says. “Within those peaks and valleys, in the short term and the long term, really what matters is the average. What do we have consistently? What are the results that we can realistically maintain and sustain?” Don’t get discouraged if you’re having an off-day or an off-week. The important thing, according to Reames, it to “pace the gas tank and avoid burnout.”

Time for a trainer

Our final suggestion to keep you from falling off the Fitness Cliff is a simple one: Sign up for a few sessions with a personal trainer. Participating Gold’s Gym is offering a complimentary “Commitment” Check Up with a Gold’s Gym certified Fitness Consultant that includes a complimentary personalized 30-day plan of attack and free 30-day follow-up. As if you need more motivation than that.


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